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pastor search committee update!

The Search Committee is pleased to announce that we are recommending a ministerial candidate to the congregation as our new full-time called minister.  We have scheduled Dustin Bartlett to preach for the congregation on Sunday, May 9th.  After the service, a special meeting of the congregational membership will be called for the purpose of voting to call the Rev. Bartlett to our church.  


Due to the impacts of Covid on face-to-face church attendance, members who are unable to attend in person, may participate in the service and special meeting via Zoom, using this information:

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 898 4336 8029
Passcode: 738982 

Dial by your location
       +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
       +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago) 

*Two ways for church members to vote:

  1. Physically attend the service at church on May 9th and vote at the special meeting.

  2. Log in to the Zoom meeting and participate in the service and special meeting.  Members can cast their vote curbside by delivering their assent or dissent on the vote within 1 hour following the service on May 9th. 

Those members who do not intend to stop in to vote on May 9th are urged to use the regular YouTube link to view the service so that we don’t overestimate the number of votes needed to achieve a 2/3 majority.

*Our Constitution requires a 2/3 majority vote of the members present to call a minister, and it prohibits proxy voting.  However, leadership has determined that participating via Zoom counts as being present.  Because we want to include those who would, were it not for Covid,  be in attendance in person, we will use Zoom to take attendance and add it to the number of those present in person to determine what number is needed to reach a 2/3 majority.  Those physically on the church site will be allowed to vote during the special meeting.  Those members participating on Zoom whose names have been recorded as present for the service and special meeting, will be allowed to stop by the church Sunday, May 9th within 1 hour following the service’s conclusion to vote in person.  Council and/or search committee members will then count the vote and announce the decision via email and/or social media.  

Worship Sundays at 10 AM

We are an Open & Affirming Church




4 the Kids SD is a local 501 c 3 non-profit that helps students in Codington, Clark, & Hamlin Counties in South Dakota with school lunch account balances. We deposit funds into individual student lunch accounts or send to school personnel within 24 hours. We pay $25 per child, per school quarter, as needed for Lunch funds. We help pay off past due, year end lunch account balances at area schools as well. We have been helping families for over 3 years now and have been blessed to pay over $7900 in school lunches so far.

NO FINANCIAL QUALIFICATIONS ARE NEEDED for this program. We believe that any family at any time can run into financial struggles and we are here to help. 

Who can contact us? Parents, Family Members. Friends,School Administrators. Teachers, School Faculty Members, or ANYONE who knows of a student/family in need of assistance.

How can you donate? Mail donations to PO Box 364, Watertown, SD 57201 or Find our Facebook page and click the SHOP NOW button through PayPal --https://www.facebook.com/4thekidssd *All Donations are tax deductible.

How can you reach us? Call or text

Heather (605) 680-0488

Carla (605) 880-6396

Julie (605) 868-1966

Or you can Email us at 4thekidssd@gmail.com.


The group that volunteers to deliver meals is small and there are going to be occasions when one of more has other commitments, is ill, or is otherwise not available. We were lucky this time that Great Western Bank employees took one route as a service project and that Sue and Scott volunteered to fill in.


Please seriously consider volunteering to deliver meals to those who are not able to get out. Due to Covid restrictions we are not going into homes but leaving meals in coolers on the doorstep and takes only about 30 minutes. We deliver next the very last week of this year. Go along with a driver to see what it is like or give me a call and we can talk about it.   Lynne Forbush  ~~ 880-5379 

Girl with Camera

New Pictorial Directory 


We will be working on taking photos to put in a new directory for the church.

They will be snap shots taken at church before or after services. This will not be a fancy professional project. Just a simple snap shot so people joining the church will have an idea of who is who!

It will be an ongoing process and there are no specific time lines.


Thanks for your cooperation,

                                       Dawn Engel 

If you have a photo of yourself that you would like to use for the church directory please email it to the church email address, ucc1wtn@midco.net.