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We are an
Open & Affirming Church

Worship Sundays at 10 AM

Join Us!

We are an Open & Affirming Church

We are happy you stopped to visit!


Check out our calendar for Bible study times!


Please call us at 605-886-6994 with any questions!
Office Hours Mon - Fri from 8AM to Noon

We can make a difference.
Your generosity makes all the difference.
Your gifts to “One Great Hour of Sharing” provides immediate long-term support to people experiencing hunger, thirst, disaster, or crisis around the world.

Offering Date is on March 19th 

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Meals On Wheels, thank you


Our church was responsible for delivering Meals on Wheels from February 6 through 10. Once again thank you to our regulars; Glen Robel, Don & Marlys Moore, Jo Gardner & Curt Kost, Frank Kitterman, Lou Walford & Berdene Boersma, Darla Thompson, and Dan & Cyndy Voight. A special that you to Rosanne Dyce-Anderson, Susan Aamold, and Mitzi Heath for filling when regulars were not available. 


We appreciate you all.

Sorry about the weather on Thursday🙁  ~~  Lynne

Our church’s new welcome bags are in!  The welcome bags are a gift, given to visitors and guests of our church.  Each bag will include a letter of welcome, a newsletter, the pastor’s contact information, a refrigerator magnet, and candy and stickers for kids (or adults!).  It’s something we want to do to encourage visitors to come back, to help us grow the church.


I’m currently waiting to hear back from Joy Ranch about what it will cost to hold an all-church retreat at their facility.  The purpose of the retreat will be to involve all the friends and members of the church in identifying our core values and potential mission and ministry opportunities in the church and throughout Watertown.  It will be a chance for all of you to offer your input, to help guide the future of First Congregational UCC.


I’ve just gotten a proposal from Mid States Audio, the company that originally set up our sound and livestream technology, outlining what it will cost to update that equipment.  As online worship has become a bigger part of the church’s worship, we believe it’s important that the quality of our livestream is as close as possible to the in-person experience.


We’ve ordered a new color copier for the office which, in the long run, will save the church money on color copies and allow us to do all of our flyers and advertising in house.  We’re also planning a council/staff dinner, have designed a new logo, and waiting for a proposal to update the church’s website.


Friends, the leaders of First Congregational United Church of Christ are making big investments in this church’s future, because we are excited about the future.  We believe the future looks bright.


And, those investments cost some serious money.


Part of being a member of any community, but especially part of a religious community, is the giving of your time, talents, and treasure to support that community.  Right now, our church is making some big investments, and we need your help.  Please, if you have the ability to do so, consider making an additional gift, above and beyond your regular giving, to help FCUCC pay for all these investments.


As Jesus reminded his disciples, you can’t take it with you.  The wealth we have here on earth is only ours for a time.  Please consider investing some of that worldly wealth in First Congregational United Church of Christ, so that we, in turn, can work with God in building up God’s Kingdom.


Rev. Dustin Bartlett

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