Greetings!  Happy New Year!  May God’s loving hands be upon all of us in the new year.

We have continued with the same students and perfect attendance in January. We are still working on our animal unit. We spent time talking about hamsters. Hamsters are fully dependent on their owners. As Christians, we are called to be fully dependent on God. We talked in detail about Philippians 4:13. “I can do all things through God who strengthens me.” We also talked about how babies are fully dependent on their parents.  Early in life, babies can be fed from bottles. To help illustrate that fact, during snack time, kids who were willing were served their juice in baby bottles.  This was very humorous for the students and got many laughs. It served as a good visual reminder of the lesson. 

We also spent time talking about turtles. We talked about the importance of patience. We had a detailed conversation about the fruit of the spirit, patience. We defined patience as “I will wait without complaining.” We played games that helped us to use our patience and wait without complaining.  We also did a blindfolded taste of various foods that a turtle might eat. Kids had fun guessing the names of the foods. They tried iceberg lettuce, spinach and bread. 

We are taking a break from our animal unit and focusing on Valentine’s Day for the month of February. Love is in the air! More details to come next month about this fun topic. 


Warm Regards,

Amanda Schaeffer

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