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Christian Youth April Report
“The Lord Is Risen Indeed!”

-Luke 24:34

What wonderful words and the empty cross a beautiful sight! Jesus is Risen, He is Risen Indeed! The joy of Easter or Resurrection Sunday is the fulfillment of the hope that came at Christmas, when the humble, infant king came into the world. With Him, sheer joy at beating death, sins paid for in blood, beating evil, and freely given. Much like Spring, a re birth of the earth that occurs each year, Easter Sunday also re-delivers God’s promise of redemption to us. In less than six months We endure a period of anticipation, a period of hope, a period of darkness, one of sadness, then finally great joy. What a ride! All of the feelings over the course of these seasons come each year, the joy welcomed at the end with elation! The Lord is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!

In Christian Education, the kiddos worked hard to learn about Easter, from preparing His Disciples, to His death and Resurrection. For some of our youngest kiddos, this has been quite a big concept. Our older kiddos are starting to put together that the Last Supper was a Passover Supper and how that relates to the Old Testament.

Again, big concepts of history and relationships in the Bible for us all.

Each Sunday the kiddos never cease to amaze. Their energy sends ripples through the church, and they keep me, and I hope you, entertained. Truly, one never knows what’s next! When we have trouble hearing God’s voice, sometimes we have to listen to our kiddos. They will share God with us!

Blessings~ Rachel Clendenin

Pastor Dustin and the Children's Sermon

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