Hello everyone!


He has risen! He has risen indeed! We are rejoicing for His resurrection every day. This important event was the focus of church school for the month of March on Wednesday nights. March was a short month regarding time in the classroom. The two cancelations were attributed to a snow storm and spring break.  Attendance is study and we continue to have the same 6 kids each week. 

When we did meet, we spent time discussing the season of Lent. We watched a video on the large television in the church library. It was a video about Easter. It told the Easter story with resurrection eggs.  The kids were able to use the knowledge they acquired from this and reenact this performance by using resurrection eggs to tell the Easter story in church.  It was fun for the kids, and I received positive comments from members of the congregation. It appears we have some budding talent regarding performance. I was impressed to see how much louder and clearer their speaking voices are becoming since last time we performed.  I love their energy and enthusiasm to share the good news in church   It is no wonder Jesus loves the little children so much, right? Mark 10:13-16.

In Our Father’s Love,    ~~ Amanda