Greetings, Friends.


We are proud to have completed yet another successful Christmas Program at UCC. It was a lot of fun and an interesting way to spin a traditional Christmas nativity story. While being funny, it still reminded us that Jesus is the reason for the season. I received many positive comments regarding the performance and the cast seemed to enjoy performing it. 

Corona virus has led to an interesting year. We had a Christmas program in May the same day we celebrated graduations. It was a memorable day for many. 

Going forward, I have some fun plans for summer. We will be taking a trip to the zoo in June. This will be the grand finale to our animal unit. In our animal unit we spent many nights talking about qualities that animals have that line up with qualities God expects followers to have as discussed in the Bible.  We will also be having a one-day VBS on a Saturday in July. If you are interested in helping with either of these events please leave a message at the church office. 

In conclusion, it has been a terrific year and great privilege to teach these students this year. I have also greatly enjoyed working with the dedicated volunteers. May God’s blessings continue in your lives and have a great summer.


Warm Regards, 

Amanda Schaeffer

Director of Children’s Ministry.