Amber Nogelmeier & Jim Clendenin  Moderators

                                                          Moderator Elect  

                         Phyllis Wiles              Clerk

                         Jenny Foster              Council Secretary

                         Mike Legg                 Financial Secretary

                         Brenda Zemlicka       Treasurer

                         Patty Zemlicks           Historian


Members of Council:

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                             Melissa Pond               Brenda Foster                   Alan Pearson                                                           Jordan Zemlicka              Kim Bellum                      Linda Boyken                                                           Robyn Briggs                                                            Theresa Igo

                                                                                                               Rodney Zemlicka


Council Minutes

  May Co-Moderator's Message

Spring has sprung!  May is a time of transition for many, whether it be school or just the changing seasons.  We are very excited to celebrate the end of the church school year along with a high school graduate.   Additionally, James Clendenin has been confirmed and joined our church on Easter Sunday.  Please join us to celebrate these great honors and achievements on May 15 following the church service.  At the time of this writing, we are thanking Pastor David Jennys for his leadership and guidance for the past 2+ years along with a farewell and “see you later.”  We’re also looking forward to Pastor Dustin Bartlett beginning his work with us.   Our spring-cleaning date has been set for the morning of April 30th, so please consider being a part of that.

There continue to be some appearance changes happening, take a look at the narthex entrance.  Thank you to those who have contributed to this project to make our building more welcoming.  Looking even more into the future, we are looking forward to having representation at the Watertown Pride in the Park event on June 25, 2022.    We’ll also need to begin thinking about the 4th of July celebration, where we’ve historically had a “float” and have had walkers pass out fans.  As we approach summer, please consider being a part of the Pride in the Park event and/or the 4th of July parade.  We need you to help us represent UCC Watertown and thanks to those who already plan to be part of these community celebrations.



Co-Moderator Amber Nogelmeier