Jim Clendenin           Moderator

Amber Nogelmeier   Moderator Elect  

Phyllis Wiles              Clerk

Melissa Pond             Council Secretary

Mike Legg                 Financial Secretary

Brenda Zemlicka       Treasurer



Members of Council:

Russell Battey

Linda Boyken

Dawn Engel

Allison Foster

Shanna Hillsdale

Theresa Igo

Alan Pearson

Sue Pearson

Cindy Spieker

Donna Trupe

Rodney Zemlicka



Council Minutes

Our church is being faced with several major challenges but I can’t help but believe that we can and will over come them. It will take an effort by all of us and God tapping on our shoulders so that we may have his

guidance to overcome these issues.

An immediate challenge that our congregation is facing is finding the correct pastoral leader that we are all
comfortable with, the conference says it will take a year or longer for this to occur. Another important challenge that is important to us all is starting to grow our congregation. This means bringing more people into our congregation, hopefully with kids that disturb the service a little, that disturbance is the future life of our church. If it is not your child or grandchild that causes this disturbance it will give you something to laugh about and this is a good thing. This is an effort that will have to come from all of us, we don’t have to beat somebody over the head about our church, just mention where you go to church and it is a good place to worship and be. Yes, it will be difficult without a fulltime pastor but we are a good congregation with our heart in the right place and this will help us to grow and give a new pastor a platform to work from, both in spirit and number.


One last thing, I can’t commend Julie and Shari enough for the effort that they and the council put forth last year to overcome issues that they faced during 2019. It seemed that these “surprises” started occurring almost from the annual meeting last year and continuing through to the annual meeting this year. They deserve a huge thank you from all of us. Yes, they do get phone calls from me asking them “What do I need to do about this or that."

Thank you to all that helped last year. ~~ Jim Clendenina

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