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      Lynne Forbush & Cyndi Spieker  Moderators

                                                          Moderator Elect  

                         Lucas Nogelmeier     Clerk/Council Secretary 

                         Brenda Zemlicka       Treasurer/Financial Secretary  

                         Patty Zemlicks           Historian


Members of Council:

                Terms End 2026                       Terms End 2025                     Terms End 2024    

                Rosanne Anderson                             Robyn Briggs                                        Kim Bellum                                             Cyndy Voight                                    Melissa Pond                                      Brenda Foster                                        Jerica Zemlicka                                Jordan Zemlicka                              Lucas Nogelmeier                                 



Council Minutes
January 2023

Moderator February Message


If you were at the Annual Meeting last Sunday you will know that Cyndi Spieker and I volunteered to be co-Moderators this year. First of all we would like express a huge thank you to Amber Nogelmeier and Jim Clendenin for taking on the role of Moderator for an extend time.

We have all benefited from having their steady hands at the helm.  We would also like to thank the outgoing Council members,  Alan Pearson, Linda Boyken, Theresa Igo, and Rodney Zemlicka, for their years of service.

Cyndi and I are looking forward to working with the Council, Pastor Dustin, and Brenda Zemlicka this year but we will need everyone’s input and support as we all work on the growth and ministry of our church. 


Lynne Forbush (605 880-5379)

Cyndi Spieker  (605 520-5646)


       Lynne Forbush ~  Co-Moderator

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