Jim Clendenin           Moderator

Amber Nogelmeier   Moderator Elect  

Phyllis Wiles              Clerk

Melissa Pond             Council Secretary

Mike Legg                 Financial Secretary

Brenda Zemlicka       Treasurer



Members of Council:

Russell Battey

Linda Boyken

Dawn Engel

Allison Foster

Shanna Hillsdale

Theresa Igo

Alan Pearson

Sue Pearson

Cindy Spieker

Donna Trupe

Rodney Zemlicka


Council Minutes

Hello, I hope this finds you all well and avoiding the virus.  If you are wondering about physical space in church to avoid close contact, no problem, we have 30-45 in sanctuary attendees each Sunday with 5-45 attending virtually.  These numbers are good, it indicates that ewe still want to attend church and that is a positive thing, we would like our numbers to be higher and possibly with your help we will gradually increase those attending service virtually or in the sanctuary.  Invite a friend or neighbor to church, it truly is a good place to be.

This will be my last message as moderator, I have felt very fortunate during this time to work with the staff that we have.  If I had a question or a problem, it would be mentioned to our staff and they found a solution or gave me an answer.  An example would be how to end a service, Bruce knew what to do and told me how to do this my first Sunday as moderator when Pam Hardie got sick, on top of his great music he has been a go to person in many different ways for our church.  Scott has corrected many building problems along the way, an example would be his downspout suggestion and implementation.  

Ginny has kept our office functioning smoothly with timely newsletters and bulletins.  When she was sick with the virus and there wasn’t a bulletin it was definitely noticed.    

Brenda and Mike have done a great job with our finances during this confusing time.  I have called them both many times about different questions and what to do concerning particular issues.   

Amanda has done a wonderful job with our church school student’s education even though the virus has put many obstacles in front of her and the kids, they seem to be over coming them with technology and when possible out door activities. 

Don Moore has taken on a big challenge with our church technology and, with some outside help, is gradually making our system work successfully. We now have JJ Clendenin starting to take part in operating the technology as well.  Hopefully a few more people will step forward and help operate the video system as we move forward.

 We have to feel very blessed that Pastor David was directed to us by a higher power, he has many ideas on how we can move forward and to the best of his ability, he is implementing them in these unusual times.  He truly has been an asset and a God send to our church.

Thank you to all of these fine people!  You are appreciated!!

My hope is with God’s guidance, that we move into a calm period when we are not fighting an overwhelming virus or dealing with politics when ever we listen to the radio or TV.

We are fortunate to have the people in our congregation and on our council that we have.  Many from the congregation and everyone on the council have been putting forth ideas for the improvement of our church.  The one major item that we need are more people partaking in our church and this has to come from all of us visiting with our friends and neighbors inviting them to make a visit to our service.  I was a part of this approach in the ag program at LATC.  Our enrollment went from 100 to over 300 in the program by visiting with everyone about the work that we did for our students and their careers.    We made this same effort 30 years ago in our church and over a 10-year period of time we gradually grew from approximately 120 in attendance to over 200 attending Sunday services on a regular basis.  We can do it again but the effort has to come from all of us, it will take time and effort.

As I pass the job to Amber Nogelmeier I wish her well and will provide support in any way I can.


 Jim Clendenin ~~ Moderator 

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