Amber Nogelmeier & Jim Clendenin  Moderators

                                                          Moderator Elect  

                         Phyllis Wiles              Clerk

                         Jenny Foster              Council Secretary

                         Mike Legg                 Financial Secretary

                         Brenda Zemlicka       Treasurer

                         Patty Zemlicks           Historian


Members of Council:

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                             Melissa Pond               Brenda Foster                   Alan Pearson                                                           Jordan Zemlicka              Kim Bellum                      Linda Boyken                                                           Robyn Briggs                                                            Theresa Igo

                                                                                                               Rodney Zemlicka


Council Minutes
September 2022

   September Co-Moderator Report

Good Evening,


We hope this finds you well.  Hopefully you have had some rain over the last several weeks.

While at our last council meeting Brenda brought up our monthly monetary shortage to meet our bills.  We addressed it for the short term but this can’t go on for an extended period of time.  One way to help correct this situation is more people in our building on Sunday morning so invite your friends and neighbors to our service.


We had several items on the agenda we did not address and voted to table these items until the next meeting due to in large part the Pastor’s physical absence.  The Pastor did attend our meeting but is was over the computer and phone, he was not next to his desk so much of his info was not available to our group.


We had an open house for the Youth Bible School class on August 27th.

We also had a brief discussion concerning the scheduling of the council meetings.  At this time we will remain on Wednesdays in the evening.  We adjourned to executive session.


On a final note, how about that Moderator-Elect spot?   Can we get a volunteer to join the adventure? 

Please consider and let Jim Clendenin or Amber Nogelmeier know if you are interested, thank you!


Co-Moderator Jim Clendenin