Amber Nogelmeier   Moderator

                                Moderator Elect  

Phyllis Wiles              Clerk

                                 Council Secretary

Mike Legg                 Financial Secretary

Brenda Zemlicka       Treasurer



Members of Council:

Kim Bellum

Linda Boyken

Jim Clendenin

Dawn Engel

Brenda Foster

Theresa Igo

Alan Pearson

Cyndi Spieker

Rodney Zemlicka


Council Minutes

Moderator’s July Message

It’s officially summer- could have fooled me with the hot temps we saw in June!  Thank you for bearing with us while we work on the air conditioning problem at the church.  We hope to resolve the issue soon.  It seems air conditioners and heaters always break during the most inopportune times.  

When you find this message, the Watertown Pride in the Park will have occurred and we’ll be getting ready for the 4th of July parade.    We are excited to be involved in community activities again and hope to be part of more as time goes on.  

Pastor David hosted a special meeting at the church and via Zoom on June 9th, where Rev. Samantha Houser joined us.  We had some great conversation about options to help our church.  Once we decide which direction to take exactly, we will have a lot of very important work ahead of us.  This work will be easier to manage if we have a lot of other members involved.  More to come on this!  There will soon be a link shared with all of you to watch the recording of this Zoom meeting.  I strongly encourage you to set aside 1 hour to watch the discussion and ask questions if you have any.  Thank you all and God bless! 

                             Amber Nogelmeier ~ Moderator