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                                  Dustin Bartlett - Pastor

      Lynne Forbush & Cyndi Spieker - Co-Moderators

                                 Open Position - Moderator Elect  

                          Lucas Nogelmeier  - Clerk/Council Secretary 

                             Brenda Zemlicka - Treasurer/Financial Secretary  

                                 Patty Zemlicks - Historian


Members of Council:

                Terms End 2026                       Terms End 2025                     Terms End 2024    

                Rosanne Anderson                             Robyn Briggs                                        Kim Bellum                                             Cyndy Voight                                    Melissa Pond                                      Brenda Foster                                        Jerica Zemlicka                                Jordan Zemlicka                              Lucas Nogelmeier                                 


Church Council Committees 2023  


Brenda Zemlicka*       Rosanne Dyce-Anderson*

Cyndi Spieker*             Amber Nogelmeier

Marlys Moore                                                


Jerica Zemlicka*         Brenda Zemlicka*                              


Cyndy Voight*             Cyndi Spieker*

Jordan Zemlicka*        Robin Briggs*

Sue Pearson                                                    


Lynne Forbush*          Rosanne Dyce-Anderson*                             

Building & Grounds

Lucas Nogelmeier*     Lynne Forbush*

Scott Anderson                      


Mission & Outreach

Brenda Foster*            Melissa Pond*

Cyndi Spieker*             Allison Foster                                                            


Lucas Nogelmeier*     Amber Nogelmeier

Jordan Zemlicka*

Council Minutes

Co-Moderator’s September Message

Fall is just around the corner! This season is always filled with anticipation. Hopefully many of you enjoyed the get together at the Zemlicka’s farm. A huge thank you to Rodney and Brenda for hosting us. We are hoping to do more social activities in the future. If you have any suggestions for activities, please feel  free to share with any council member.

Blessings on our kids, teacher and school staff heading back to school. May your school year be safe, fun and productive. Church school is starting up and we are so delighted to have Rachel Clendenin as our new Children’s Director. Please join us in welcoming Rachel back to her home church. Kick off Sunday is Sept 10. Although we have been blessed with some increased offerings this last month, we still need to be looking prayerfully towards the future sustainability of our church building and grounds.

Thank you so much for those of you who contribute your funds, time and energy to our faith community. Thank you for welcoming our visitors and making them feel at home. May our church body continue to grow and flourish.



Co-moderators  ~~   Cyndi Spieker and Lynne Forbush

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