Amber Nogelmeier   Moderator

                                Moderator Elect  

Phyllis Wiles              Clerk

                                 Council Secretary

Mike Legg                 Financial Secretary

Brenda Zemlicka       Treasurer



Members of Council:

Kim Bellum

Linda Boyken

Jim Clendenin

Dawn Engel

Brenda Foster

Theresa Igo

Alan Pearson

Cyndi Spieker

Rodney Zemlicka


Council Minutes

Moderator’s November Message



As promised, changes are slowly beginning to happen in the church building.  You may have noticed the walls are taking on a different color in the ground entrance by the church office.  We’re working on making the entrances more “warm” and “welcoming.”  Please bear with us during this time of transition into a more welcoming church building.   You’ll also eventually see some changes in the entrance at the top of the stairs by the narthex.  I do not have details at this time for exact changes that will be made, but please know that we are trying to make our space even better than it already is.


Last month, I outlined the 9 “Be the Church” statements which include: protect the environment, care for the poor, forgive often, reject racism, fight for the powerless, share earthly and spiritual resources, embrace diversity love God, and enjoy this life.  We intend to keep talking about this, to further guide our mission planning in the church.  We will be having another service in the church basement, where we’ll keep the conversation going while also having another potluck.  This time, think of soups and/or sandwiches you’d like to contribute!  The date for this event will be November 21st.   


Finally, again, we continue to be in the search of a Moderator-Elect, who would then become the new Moderator in January.  I cannot stress enough that this person(s) should begin the duties as soon as possible, to provide for an easier transition come the annual meeting.  In January, we will also need another Moderator-Elect to go with the new Moderator, so please consider what you can do to help our church leadership.  Blessings to all!   


Amber Nogelmeier ~ Moderator