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WATER INTO WINE... This Week at UCC Watertown

“The miracle has only half its effect if it only convinces us that Christ is God: it will have its full effect if whenever we see a vineyard or drink a glass of wine we remember that here works He [sic] who sat at the wedding party in Cana.” --C.S. Lewis

by Jan Richardson

You thought you had learned to live with the empty, the hollow.

You could place your ear against the rim of the vessel of your life and hear its ringing echo with equanimity, not expecting any more not even bothered (almost) to be a bystander at the feast— if not delighting in the celebration at least not despairing in it.

When the water rushed into the emptiness you were surprised that you were surprised, that you could even feel the sudden wellspring when you thought all had been poured out.

And then suddenly the sweetness that stuns you that tells you this was not all, this was not the end

that this blessing was saving the best

for last.

QUESTIONS FOR THE WEEK: When have you experienced an “everyday miracle”? How can we become more aware of the “miracles” that are happening all around us?

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